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Security Solutions

Managing a business takes a lot of work, passion and commitment. That’s why it’s important that the same effort be made when choosing a security system. After all, properly protecting the people and other valuable assets that comprise a successful business are not something you want to jeopardize. In today’s market, The demand for better security is here and we have answered the call for both the customer and their application. Whether it be design or installation, we have the tools needed to provide you the best solution for your needs. With proper know how and the resources to fill the challenging requirements of individual customers has given us the drive to provide you with a perfect solution for your needs.

CCTV Management

Protect your Business assets with world class equipment and software that meet your video surveillance needs. At DC Communications we have many certified solutions for your needs and applications. Our services range from system design, implementation and management to the fundamental need of servicing every system we install. We strive to select the best products that meet the performance and financial needs of each customer that we work with. We are committed to providing these world class solutions and we back it up with service behind everything we sell.

Access Control Systems

The Access Control solutions we provide increase the security level within your organization and increases your readiness to respond to incidents and threats, while fluently managing everyday access to your facilities. Access control solutions greatly decrease the threat of allowing unauthorized people to enter areas that are not permissible while providing tools for audit trails, history review and real time tracking. These solutions can also be integrated to allow complete automation for entering and exiting facilities. This automation is designed to remove the frustration of access management for employees giving you the confidence to protect your people and assets.

Access control often provides quick return on investment by immediately preventing access to those areas that are off limits to staff and pedestrians. Contact our team to discuss your needs, we will be sure to select the right design for you.

Network Cabling

Our network cabling services range from cat5, cat6 to fully certified fiber optics installations. We provide full installations from pulling the cabling, installing raceways, trays and conduits to terminating, testing and documentation. We provide full a full 25 year warranty on these systems. We have the equipment to test both copper and fiber networks to the highest standards in the industry.

  • Harsh Environment/ Hi-Impact Hubbell Equipment
  • Structured Network and Low-Voltage Wiring

Wireless Communication

Need to link buildings together? Need better wireless coverage indoors or outdoors? We have products that can deliver the performance and meet your budget. We can design and develop a wireless solution for almost any application your business may need.

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